The first word
We were actually lucky enough to record our childs first word. Check out the download page.

We are so lucky to have you!

Our child is unique. That's what we hope to show you on this site. Ever since he was born, our little one has meant everything to us.

We cant imagine what our lives were like before he came into the world. It was love at first sight. Mom, Dad and Baby took one look at each other, and understood each other right away.

Reading out loud for hours on end? No problem!

Our little one loves bedtime stories. And were not talking 5 or 15 minutes. Were talking a full 90 minutes. At first it was a real effort. But now were well-practiced and simply change over every 30 minutes.

We have often thought he was asleep, only for him to look up at us when we closed the book and ask: “Is it the end already?”

Our little one is a fast learner